Sunday Morning Service

9am–10am — Sunday School for Children
9am–10am — Adult Bible Study
10am–12pm — Congregational Service


The Bible is God’s final, inspired, inerrant and authoritative Word. Therefore, the pastors equip the membership for this God-given responsibility primarily through expository preaching where we proclaim God’s revealed will for our lives. Furthermore, the Scriptures teach that the entire church body has the final authority under God’s Word, so we take our joyful commitments to one another before God and each other seriously.


The gospel of Jesus Christ is at the centre of all we do. We wholeheartedly worship God according to how he has revealed himself in his Word. Therefore, we have ordered our worship service so that the gospel as revealed in Scripture is read, preached, prayed, sung, and seen in baptism and the Lord’s Supper.


We identify with the vibrant, historical, God-centred, evangelical faith. We gladly affirm the essentials of biblical Reformation theology. The Scripture alone is our authority. And from the Scriptures, we discover that we are saved by God’s grace alone only by exercising our God-given faith in Christ alone to God’s glory alone.


Christ has called us to follow him and help others to follow him. We do this by one-on-one, sincere, gospel-affirming relationships between Christians that build us to Christ-like maturity – something programs and activities can never do. We seek to fulfill the Lord’s great commission through our local witness in preaching and discipling and by sending and supporting those who go for the sake of his name.


We are worshipers, servants, disciples, families, witnesses in this community. We desire to be the body of Christ in this place, made up of all the people who live in this community, being salt and light to the people here who desperately need the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.


We celebrate beautiful cultural diversity and that informs our evangelistic outreach. We desire to be a place that reflects excellent aspects of our cultures, so that those who do not know Christ as Saviour feel welcomed and loved.


God’s reconciling work is being accomplished through the gospel in all of us. We believe that gospel-grounded racial reconciliation produces a multi-ethnic and diverse church. We will be international about being a church that rejoices in God’s creative design of all his people.

Sunday Morning Service

9am–10am — Sunday School for Children
9am–10am — Adult Bible Study
10am–12pm — Congregational Service

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